15 Major xTech markets

In the last article, we discussed a summary of xTech. In this time, we write about what different fields there are. Use this list to check if there is a market developing around your field.

Note that these names are not definite and may vary at times.


This one needs no introduction: financial services mixed with technology. This field has shown major growth over the last few years, centered around banks. In many cases, individual contracts are required for API disclosure. A new economy is being built by FinTech firms.


The domain of logistics and inventory/warehousing. The field of logistics uses systems for efficient shipment, redelivery requests, etc. Advanced levels of technology were already in place in this area. In addition, use of big data accumulated in this area may allow for the creation of new services.


Marketing paired with technology. Salesforce is a strong player in this area, with unique API economies and partnerships being built around CRM.

Other uses of technology include e-mail marketing, marketing automation, performance measurement, etc.


The education sector -- this field was very far behind in terms of use of the Internet, but tablet-based textbooks are slowly making inroads.


The medical field has strong legal controls in place, but it has been revamping itself over the last few years. This includes remote medicine, simple diagnostics through AI, and the provision of medical care to areas lacking robust services.


Human resources paired with technology. As with education and medicine, fields hinging on human interaction still tend to take an analog route. We are seeing changes in the way hiring is performed, with the use of data to visualize various metrics.


As the name suggests, this is the legal field. With global businesses on the rise, there is an increased need for responding rapidly to change while observing the laws of each country. Attention is also being paid to putting traditional business processes on the cloud.


The field of health is constantly drawing attention for technological innovations. Sensors can be used to monitor individual vital signs, with advice being given based on changes.


Agriculture had been behind in terms of penetration of IT technology, but the use of IoT sensors is visualizing data that had otherwise only been understood intuitively. Other efforts include reduced power consumption refinements.


Food, clothing, and house -- food is one spoke in this trio, and technological innovation is being explored here. Efforts are wide-ranging, taking take the form of things like home food deliveries and the development of fully-nutritive foods.


Recent developments include wearing data-tracking bands while performing sports and sharing individual performance. Professional athletes are also using technology to visualize performance.


The fashion industry is seeing changes involving the development of new materials and clothing with embedded sensors. Other experiments include futuristic fabrics with colors that change by mood.


Technology in a government context. This largely involves the use of open data. Other activities include improving on and evangelizing about software produced by the government.


Another one that needs no introduction is advertising technology. Since the introduction of search keywords, the advertising industry has been dominated by technology.


Real estate paired with technology. This field aims to automate residential loans, sale of used properties, rentals, et cetera. Many services are closely tied to finance.

Other tech combinations are likely to grow in the future. It will be interesting to see how xTech ushers in changes to traditional analog markets.

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