5 Services of APIs indexing for find useful API

When you will mash up APIs and create a new service, you have to first find an API providing the data that you need. In this installment, I summarize services offering directories of APIs.


As of this writing, this indexing service lets you search 5,330 APIs. You can find out APIs, and also register new APIs in the system.

PublicAPIs | Directory of public APIs for web and mobile

API For That

APIs are indexed across approximately twenty categories that include social networks, finance, and more. There are close to three hundred categories.

API For That | An API Directory


The service functions like an enterprise version of IFTTT. Users link two services to trigger actions. The Explore menu lets you access a wide range of APIs (limited to those supporting Zapier).

The best apps. Better together. - Zapier


This site provides API directory information and news. Over 13,000 APIs are offered. While there are few Japanese APIs, if you plan to search APIs worldwide, this site is the best.

ProgrammableWeb - APIs, Mashups and the Web as Platform

Mashup Awards

You are seeking a Japanese API, check the Mashup Awards API list page for a comprehensive list. You will also find overseas APIs, with close to 250 APIs indexed.

APIリスト | MA【エム・エー】 by Mashup Awards

When you want to poll GPS information like weather or hotel information, you will get better fidelity by using an API from the target country. At the same time, linking two APIs may yield unexpected potential and results.

Settling on what you want to build before searching for APIs is one technique, but you could also go in reverse, looking at these lists and getting inspiration from what you find.

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